Saturday, December 8, 2012


in town, there is a large grocery-store near a food mission and the store manager has his employees pour buckets of sand on meat and greens that are being discarded so no one can dumpster-dive for them.  this meat isn't spoiled, it's just "shop-worn" or slightly discolored from oxidation.  my Dad was enraged and inconsolable when he saw them pouring sand on large trays of ground beef when it would have been easier to just walk it over to the food-mission.   i'm sure there is some kind of rule or regulation they're following but my Dad said it was simply cruel for them to do that in sight of a food-mission/soup kitchen. at the Dollar Store, they open discarded bread and pour blue-coloured soap on it.   the wastefulness is offensive; i'm not sure i can call it cruelty....there is a deliciousness to cruelty, it feels good...that's why, even tho' it's unnecessary, it's abundant. i'm reminded of a practice at Sachsenshausen:  the prisoners at the camp were starved but some would be brought daily to peel and cut potatos for the Schutztaffel officers' dinner.  each cut piece had to be perfectly round.  any pieces not up to the aesthetic standards were discarded....the starving prisoners weren't allowed to eat the "waste."  i suspect, to the cruel mind, the potatos tasted sweeter for being prepared by someone being starved.   Proverbs 12:10
my teeth itch when i hear someone say:  "DNA is a self-replicating molecule."  it is NOT.  it takes a complex system of protein-nucleic acid (and membrane) interactions we call "a living cell." i understand it's i simplification to make teaching easier but once the foundation is put down nothing else is built on real nuance so there are folks who literally think DNA self-replicates/self-perpetuates and makes proteins!  i think Lewontin makes the analogy that saying "DNA is self-replicating" is akin to saying the 5 copies you take from your photocopier have "self-replicated."
i'm grateful i truly understand and appreciate the difference between wanting and needing otherwise i'd really be screwed because i so want one of Kevin Campeny's "Candeliers"-----a chandelier made from 3000+ gummi bears!!!!!  i like to imagine the tableaux created by the 'candelier' suspended from the white ceiling of my carport over my white Camry on the white concrete of the floor.....i'd look damn fab'lus.  thankfully, i DON'T have $6500 + s.&h. so my descent into ridiculosity will have to wait.........
Chandelier Made from 3,000 Gummy Bears by Kevin Champeny multiples lighting candy bears
is the most gracefull way to deal with someone who positively affirms every negative stereotype about his ethnic/social group/class just pretending not to notice??  i use the phrase, "if i were a better Christian, i wouldn't notice...."  it makes me wonder if this guy is affecting a posture to make folks uncomfortable........if this is so, the ego-investiture is remarkable...and exhausting to contemplate.