Thursday, November 22, 2012


i'm spending my "happy thanksgiving" working......hopefully, the masses will be in a tryptophan-coma and therefore unable to be out-and-about getting stabbed, shot, in a car-wreck, or up to any kind of ass-holery that entails stress for me. 
i've been chatting with a boy over in 8mile and he wants me to come visit and i'm like......
the "problem" is....i'm kind of thinking that i should be focusing my energies upon myself....and it's kind of shitty to say and i'm not a good Christian for noticing it....but.....the guy seems.....a bit slow.......
i just got a book by Sir D'arcy Wentworth Thompson: 
Thompson  asserts that natural selection is overplayed and the role of mechanical and physical laws underplayed in the evolution of forms.  i'm unsure if i can safely say he was a process structuralist since i think the term is pretty new (the book came out in 1917) it's a good read and offers plenty of fodder for ponderifications  tho' this particular version of the book has the background of the text colored so it makes reading early 20th century prose and tiny font a real bitch to read.  and a quick brush-up on the differences between material, formal, efficient, and final causes might help.  Thompson was a polymath and he assumes that he is being read by other polymaths so lots of latin and greek without translations in situ.
good stuff.