Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What did you do to earn your way into heaven, today?

 this photo has nothing to do with the 'tone' or mood, today......i just like the photo...the expression is priceless.  like..."gurrlll, what happened to yo' huhr!?!?!?  yo' huhr-dresser ain' yo' frien'!!"  or "SRSLY!?!?!?!? she wore white to her wedding!?!?!   SRSLY!?!?" or something like that.........

the awesome Ms.Moon poses a question in her day's post that has me to all good questions should: 

"What did you do to earn your way into heaven today?"

  • thought pleasant thoughts about certain folks tho' they are far behind in their correspondence meaning today's "good mail day" was only the latest issue of Harper's magazine (i.e., no loot from, no postcards, no letters, no million dollar check)
  • picked up some of the expensive duck entree for Birdie the Cat even tho' he's been kind of a grump, today.
  • gracefully helped a co-worker fix a calculation error without berating or hitting him even tho' the error required an absolute abandonment of the requirement  that all our maths in our particular situation have to remain in the realms of the physiologically possible or "consistent with life"
  • teased and flirted with a hauntingly pretty and pale 29 year old boy.  he's much too young for me to be interested in in THAT way, but it cost nothing and he seemed to feel pretty special and good about himself for my efforts [i would  bemoan the fact that i tend to feel parental towards anyone 10' younger than i am....there are a LOT of really humpy guys younger than i am......*i'm old*......just cannot seem to overcome the urge to parent....tho' some uninformed and tactless types would say that i'm only being  bossy.]
  • made cornbread, seasoned field peas, corn pudding with jalapenos, and coconut cream pie for dessert because my Dad wanted all that....he has no appetite and it's a struggle to get him to eat....and he gets a taste for something and that'll be all he will eat for a week or week it is peanut butter and that is all he will eat.  the next, Ramen noodles........
  • discovered this guy's blog and didn't hate him for being so much more an accomplished knitter than i'll ever be....