Wednesday, September 26, 2012

don't be stupid

"My irrational impulse to want to kill people who bore me or whose ideas are not very complex clearly has to do with an exaggerated response to situations where I feel powerless."  bell hooks

hmmm.  my responses to feelings of powerlessness tend to be more escape-fantasies than killing ones.....but i have indulged, on occasion, in taking a moment to imagine the hitting of an "idjit" with a stick.......i taught at various colleges and universities in my sordid past and to be honest i've never encountered someone who was truly dumb.  most were just lazy or acting stupid.  stupid is requires an action of some kind and is not itself a "state-function" or "a natural condition. " 

i've seen and have attended conferences on the Problem of Evil, but i don't think i've ever even seen or heard of anyone organizing a conference on the Problem of Stupid.  stupidity could be much more dangerous than Evil.  it's just a thought or a suspicion i've got; just think:  how many dead rednecks in the moments before their becoming dead said something like, "hey! watch this!"??   probably, a lot.