Tuesday, October 9, 2012

no complaints.  learned long, long ago that complaining never really does any good.  anyhoo......i received an intriguing phone call....i was asked to consider taking on a directorship at a hospital across state.  initially, i was intrigued.....and it is a wonderful ego-stroke to be offered a job with a title but as i learned more about the hospital and "the situation" the less intrigued i became.....finally, i had to give them the "no, thank you."   it was a little bit more money BUT not worth the aggravation of moving my Dad.  my house and land are paid for and someone's already kicked the hornets' nest at that hospital.   to deal with that mess would take more money than they could tote to my door.  hopefully, i can leverage their interest into some more money with my current employer.

i've wiled the last few days away reading trashy adventure novels.

i had a reunion-of-sorts with a undergraduate classmate.  it was fun......very fun.   then, i found out about his wife.  oh, well.   no, i wouldn't have fucked him if i had known beforehand.  well.....i'm certain i wouldn't.   almost, definitely no.   [this guy was hawt, y'all]   well....he's shown he's ten kinds of unsuitable for the hanging one's hopes on.......

had a good mail day, Monday.  so, i've that to keeep me busy.

i played in the coffee house's trivia tournament.   since i don't watch television i was at a disadvantage.  of course, i ruled the science, history, and literature categories.   sports and entertainment not at all.

andru's in from Mobile AL.   good-lookin', charming as hell.....and nothing but a big bucket of trouble.  so, i'm keeping myself somewhat unavailable and under-the-radar for awhile.   note his pretentious changing his name from Andrew to Andru.  ick, and damn!