Sunday, September 2, 2012


i think it is a reaction to stress but i've been on an arts'n'crafts kick the last couple of days:
  started a linen-stitch scarf knitting lengthwise with sock yarn of all damn's pretty but is hellaciously slow AND it's using a ton of yarn.....prolly going to rip it out and switch to a heavier yarn just to finish this thing up.....tho' linen-stitch is very rigid and using heavier yarn could make this project the equivalent of knitting a wooden plank.
making dozens of envelopes out of printed "art" paper and old maps.............
Paper Blossoms
and making tissue-paper flower blossoms.......great tutorial can be found on Diem Chau's awesome on the picture for the tutorial entry.......
making cauliflower and carrot pickles!!!!  (i don't use hing (asfoetida) as it is too easy to kill someone with it...(i'm kidding but i can't stand the stuff).   recipes at Manjula's kitchen!