Monday, August 27, 2012

shit. fuck. and damnit!  my g7 has been acting "odd" and i took it to Komputer Karma and it's a drive getting ready to die.  well, the tech guy says it will be cheaper to buy a new laptop than repair this one.  well, if i weren't covering the gap in my dad's medicare and insurance i'd be blase' about it but i'll have to tweak the budget for the next 2 months to have that "free" money to get a new laptop.   i do remember a time when i didn't think about stuff like this.....just went and got stuff.  i'm not resentful...i'm fortunate i can do what i can for my dad but i do resent people thinking that just because i'm a fag without children (of my own) that i have all this "disposable" income.   to top this shitty day off, have preparations for the hurricane/tropical storm to attend's likely tracking west so that means we're going to catch the squall lines on the northeastern edge which is not where you want to be....i've just gotten the roof paid, i'm hoping it's not "Goodbye New Roof"....the storm is 800 miles wide so i'm expecting it's going to be a real shit fit.