Saturday, August 25, 2012

i such a good person

i am a positive influence in the lives of people. .....and i feel pretty darn good about it.  the young man at work that i  convinced to go to grad skewl in public health called me, today.  he's finished his first week of classes and he's so excited.  one of his professor's wrote a textbook that applied methods of community ecology to infectious disease epidemiology and i had it and strongly encouraged the boy to read it.  so, his professor is teaching a different introductory  course but the boy was able to apply some ecological thinking to a case study and the professor took note and has invited him to apply for a fellowship working with him.   i've told the boy that one has to be prepared to accept that good things can come your way......and should he get the fellowship, it will drastically reduce his financial burden (thank the lord he's got good sense and saved enough money during his 3 years with us at the hospital).

i'm a wee  bit jealous.......he isn't as encumbered with responsibilities (the principle advantage of youth) and can chase opportunities.  tho' it was perhaps the emotionally most-fraught time in my life i loved being in grad skewl.  if i could afford it, i would be a professional student.  i'd definitely like to have been able to take more literature courses, more maths, more philosophy,  and deepen my foreign languages.  these days, my German and French are only cursory and my Russian has completely evaporated.  it's true, if'n you don't use it then you lose it.

there's a project that i've been working on intermittently the last year or so......i've been leaving love-letters in places to be found by strangers.  i've put them in library books, left in coffee shops.  well, i'm going to have to recruit help with distribution:    someone has noticed and that defeats the purpose.    

the idea is for someone to find one, read it.....and perhaps wonder.   this is the "ideal."  in truth, the majority most likely in up in the trash.  ....i do the letter because i can't knit hats fast enough....that's what my friend, Z leaves about.