Saturday, August 4, 2012

letters to a killer?

i think i inadvertently discouraged someone from doing a nice thing.  one of my co-workers is quite sincere in her religious practice and she had mentioned that she was considering sending a brief note to James Eagan Holmes letting him know she was praying for him.  she takes the admonition "to bless our enemies" quite seriously and as she said, "it's obvious he's  someways broken inside."   i unthinkingly asked, "what will you do if he writes back?"  she admitted that she hadn't given it that much thought and i think it frightened her, some.  now, there are some lurid and prurient souls that would probably throw a boner thinking about corresponding with a notorious mass-murderer but Fat Tammy isn't one of them.  she's going to pray about it.   i think it's ok for her to do it.....just don't include a return address.     i didn't intend to be discouraging.  i actually admire what she was doing...hoping for whatever is wrong inside that kid to be fixed.....i do think something has gone terribly wrong when a shy, smart, and good-looking kid (honestly, i think anyone under the age of 30 is a "kid"  well.....35.) does something batshit crazy like killing a dozen folks and hurting a lot of others.  it's just not a natural progression for someone to create so much unnecessary hurt.