Wednesday, August 1, 2012

damn foolishness

there were, like, y'know, hump-teen jillion notifications from Facebook blowing up my damn email inbox that i thot to me-self, "shit, i need to check my Facebook."  what a crock of shit.  lots of folks getting full of Jeebus talking about how they are going to eat at Chik-Fil-A or however you spell that shit.  ok, all these folks i'd like to ask "who you trying to fool?  bitches, i KNOW you."  piosity.  that's all it is.  one cousin was the biggest joke in 5 counties because she wore white at her wedding.  soon as she got her driver's license when she was fifteen that slut was jumping more dick than there is stripe up the middle of the damn inter-state highway.  her hobbies were cheating on her boyfriends, fucking her BFF's boyfriends and daddies.   now, she's righteous.  i do believe we are within Levitical guidelines should she get knocked in the damn head with a brick.  she's on her third or fourth husband.   (well, she's actually had dozens but only 3 or 4 were hers.).

*sigh*  this isn't about the freedom of speech or of religion.  it is about saying and believing that some folks are not as human as others.  this is the kind of stuff feeds on itself and leads to justification of some pretty evil things.  yes, folks can say and believe what they want BUT words and beliefs have consequences and i'm very uncertain if anyone has a RIGHT to be determinedly wrong. 

on a different note, but the same tone of damn-foolishness:  the naughty neighbor tried the same dead-tired pitch as before.  at one point, he even hauled at his schlong and say "just touch it!  it's so big!"  so......i had to give him a dose of truth:
  1. he's ugly.
  2. he is practically a pathological liar.
  3. his dick is huge but i'm a top and it's soooo not a damn issue AND the damn thing is fuckin' deformed (he claims no history of trauma but that just looks like an accident) 
  4. bad credit.
  5. he's more than just a little bit dumb and has a very limited imagination.
  suspect the stinging application of the truth is the last i'll have to deal with him.  should there be a next time i'm just going beat the shit out of him.   i might be often bereft and alone and romantically hopeless but i'm not desperate.  

now, i have to go to the likker-sto' and explain to the sweet young thing wearin' seer-sucker just who Gore Vidal was.........