Thursday, July 5, 2012

we might freeze to death

a "cold" front has passed through....we might freeze to death.  it's only 97 Fahrenheit, today.  yesterday, it was 105 Fahrenheit.  i blame the heat for dissipating my gumption.  i've been thinking, "i will do X"  and nothing happens.  it has become seemingly impossible to affect any effect.  Texas Don is in town this week and even the promise of luxurious head hasn't been sufficient to actually make me feel it worth my while to wander 2 city blocks to his hotel.   meh.

some daft fool at work has suggested i inherit mixing-studies because She-Who-Is-Supposedly-Better-Than-Me is feeling awfully crunched for time.  i suggested she spend less time redecorating her department and office (she does it 2X/week) and more time doing work that is actually about creating value for our patients.  i have more than enough to do so i've campaigned against that bad idea.....the campaign consisting of my threatening to start setting shit on fire and pissing in the coffee pot.   there are also rumblings that i put together a crash-course in immunohematology and coagulation because some of the new hires are horribly weak and since they were hired before they were appropriately credentialed (i don't get to make THOSE kind of decisions) we will have to dismiss them if they fail their board exams.  i'd rather not.  i don't like this kind of stuff since i had all appropriate licenses, credentials, and degrees BEFORE i walked in the door. 

only reading i've gotten completed is two trashy action-adventure novels. well, i think one had pretensions of psychological horror.   took maybe an afternoon.    One was by James Rollins.  i used to consider him somewhat attractive....but i got over it pretty quick.  i think it is because his appearance is more reminiscent these days of some dumb fuck i stomped the shit out of at the American Legion clubhouse.  'tis a great misfortune to look like a dumb str8 fuck.