Monday, July 9, 2012

fancification of my mailbox

"borrowed from Limner Cade's blog.
this weekend has been kind of wild....GSWs and stabbings.  some folk have strange ways of celebrating U.S. independence......just my opinion.  i found the above pic on Limner's blog and i've a serious thought of brightening up my standard black U.S. P. S. mailbox.  one problem in our rural location is it will make a better target for any redneckery.  there are some souls who love nothing more than to get liquored-up and ride the roads with a baseball bat and whacking people's mailboxes.  one of my neighbors was sufficiently fed up he put up a second mailbox filled with concrete.  when some redneck tried to take a whack at it, his arm was nearly completely torn off.  of course, he sued.....tho' it didn't come to much since Judge C (she looks like Jabba-the Hutt with a toothache) pronounced that if you were hurt doing something stupid and wrong you got a little bit of something deserved or earned.  i don't think the postmaster would let me decorate my P.O. box.  
since i'm on rotation at the hospital, i missed the Friends of de Li-berry dinner.   probably for the best given i think the only way to improve that organization is to set some of them on fire.  there is cause for hope.....
i saw this comic on Sean's blog and it's been the most amusing thing i've seen these last few days.