Saturday, June 30, 2012

just a day

today it was hot.  running general errands and my dad wanted to tag along.  he got overheated and became violently ill.  so, i'm sticking close to home for awhile....until he gets better.  The Countess and i still will have our Honeysuckle-Watermelon cocktails....but we'll just have the one.  *sigh*    we also will have grilled chicken breast with a Lady Pea Salsa.  Birdie the Cat will have a very small gin and tonic....very small since he is down to 8 pounds, now.

tomorrow, i have to drive down to Sunshine Farms to pick up a few bushels of silver-skin crowder peas.  we don't have a real garden this year....i'm too tired and over-scheduled and my dad is too old to run the tiller and plow so.....usually, we grow pink-eye purple hulls, silver-skin crowders, dixie-lee crowder.   the seed companies are now selling something they call a pink-eye purple hull but it is most definitely NOT....the pods aren't a deep solid purple, instead they are streaked and the pea tastes like Elmer's glue smells.   not. good.   anyhoo.......
none of the local farms seem to be growing Lady Peas.   these are a bit labor intensive in the pea is so horribly have to shell a bushel to get almost a cup of these tiny little gems.   they sure taste good.