Friday, December 16, 2011

the weather's strangely dreary, my pseudo-date showed up at the coffee-shop pretty loaded. i'm pretty good at issuing a dismissal. still, it's disappointing but i've eaten from disappointment's plate before and not died. less disappointed than aggravated, actually. i don't understand folks that allow themselves to be ruled so completely that they cannot hold themselves together especially when meeting someone for the first time. i'm sure he'll be blowing up my mailbox with messages, later....i really feel for my friend Belinda since she's been buttering me up to agree to meet this guy for about 2 months. ah well. a frontal boundary's coming's going to be very foggy so best to be home before it rolls in...i'm not one to bitch about weather since there's not very much i can do about weather....i AM pretty awesome, but there are limits. the last 2 days have been good mail days, so i've plenty of corresponding to do. here's a bit of silly cheer: