Saturday, December 3, 2011

overheard a bit of conversation that reminded me of some of the commentary on Sotomayor's nomination when i realized that there did exist a significant number of folks who believe that their American experience was the ONLY American experience. should someone have something OTHER than THEIR experience, then the American experience of the OTHER is illegitimate. hmmm. this doesn't seem to be a credible perspective to hold but it is one widely and deeply held, i fear. hell, even my Dad is feeling a little spooked and has suggested we might have to come up with some kind of escape plan to make it over the Canadian border if'n Rick Perry or Bachman get elected for the BIG JOB. not only are they crazy-off-their-ass whack-jobs, they're in the pocket of the Dominionists and this is a crowd of folks with some scary damn theology. they have plans to burn witches and the Freemasons! i fear for those of us not exactly "heteronormative." i'm not exactly worried......the fab'lousness is powerful, y'know. sweet boy at the coffee shop said i should give lessons. what shibboleths could i impart that could grant access to what the persians call "khush" (ecstatic joy, a euphemism for 'gay' as in not str8)? i also have to recognize that i operate at an unusual and strange realm of the fab'lousness. what are the standards of fab'lousness. lawd, i might have accidentally put myself onto a line of philosophical inquiry. i need a drank. (a drink quenches your thirst, a drank makes your nose go numb). Prodigy Vs Enya - Sail My Bitch Away click on the link and experience the strange and wunnerful! you might begin to comprehend just how delighted i am with my own weirdness. this song also seems to engage the warp engine in my car.....i smoked a county sheriff's deputy with this song. i don't think he even realized i'd passed him.......a white blur, like a glint of sunshine on the water. sweet Ben is conflicted about the gay stuff. he says he doesn't feel that he is gay. i don't either. i'm kweer, blessedly not str8. (praise be God, Allah, Buddha, Jesus, the saints, and all the prophets. heck, Zeus, too.) i've told him to do what he wants.....most folks who are MSM (that's the current public health nomenclature: "Men who have Sex with Men") do NOT identify as "gay" but as "str8" so if'n it is possible for there to exist a separation between the performative and the identification might as well take advatage of it, i.e., he can still be a str8 boy and ride my cock 'til he surrenders in paroxysms of eruptive climax as much as he wants. (the boy lurvs the cock). problem is, i'm not interested in playing midwife to whatever identity he constructs which is really shitty of me because i'm the one who expanded his horizons, as it were. (i think the boy was completely unaware of that bounty of erotic potentialities he's been sitting on). i'm sure there is some degree of moral obligation. i'll answer any questions he has but he's not asking just stewing in the hot mess. i'm of the school of thought that says, "decide who you want to be and then be him!" some wish to linger on the cross and immolate. he saw me kissing another coffeeshop habitue named Eric and actually acted jealous. funny, first time i kissed Ben he says, "but, i'm straight." laughing, i replied, "that's ok, i'm not at all prejudiced." and kissed him,again. still, i'm not getting hitched to anyone who hasn't got his psychic shit together. the problem with these young'uns is they are lost in all the identity-shit, when the responsibilities and powers of authorship are theirs' alone. sadly, it seems there are no appropriately aged faggots available. they're either dead, or hopelessly stuck in teenage drama world. *cue the sighing and weeping violins* ah, hell. touch it again!! y'know you wanna: Prodigy Vs Enya - Sail My Bitch Away feels good, don' it