Wednesday, December 21, 2011


currently reading: Sex and Death: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Biology


current irritation: folks telling me i'm smart. if i were as smart as they tell me i am, then why the hell do i have to work so hard to make a living? oy.

currently listening to: VNV Nation

currently dreading: going back on rotation at the hospital. there's a serious foreboding upon me about it.

currently tired of: guys who simply cannot have a date. no, i don't want to pee on you. no, i do not want to be tied up or tie anyone up. dinner and a movie and good conversation. too much to ask??

currently avoiding: ironing my uniforms. it must be done.....they just don't seem to do it themselves. *sigh*  

currently eating: spinach and mushroom omelette

currently bored with: people who can only talk about television. i don't really watch tv so..........

currently needing to: finish writing letters to Erik in Germany, Mr. Troy, Carol Ann in OH, Janice is MS, EJ in Chicago, Jonathan in NJ, and Hawt Jewboy in NY. oh, and a letter to The Countess.

current disappointment: Shiva's package from the islands still hasn't arrived.

current disappointment #2: Ben was embarrassed to be seen in his uniform as a pizza deliveryman. ok, yes he has an MBA and is working 4 part-time jobs until he can find something better but the fact that he's hustling and getting his bills paid instead of moaning about how his life isn't how he imagined it would be after graduating is so frickin' hawt!!! the disappointment is in his thinking Lynne and i think less of him.

currently drinking: Russian Caravan Tea. the real thing, not that shit with Lapsang Souchong mixed in it.

currently hoping: that i can see Garrison Keillor at the Reilly in February.

current aggravation: someone has donated 4 kittens to the herd of cats. *sigh* they're cute, hopefully i can have them tame and placed in happy homes soon. 

current disappointment #3: Nurse Chad just got a new haircut. it's awful.

current hankering: i'd love some of the lavender-vanilla ice-cream i made this weekend. it's all gone, now.

current fascination: inter-specific quorum-sensing in oxidase positive gram negative bacteria.