Friday, December 30, 2011

a year's end list like no other!

Umberto Eco  suggested that lists were a way of addressing problems of the "topos of ineffability."  (fancy way of saying trying to enumerate a set comprised of vast numbers of items, etc.)  so, i make lists.  lots of lists.  some of them silly.  sometimes i think that it is obligatory to do "year-in-review" lists.  and lists, since they are varied as the folk who make them, can almost be an infinite set.....or close to it.   anyhoo.......

not sure i feel up to a year's end list.  i'm very tired.  i worked a monster rotation.  i guess i'm old, but i have come to resent anything that requires me leaving my house.  i expect other folks not having to work, to stay home as well.  then, i don't have to deal with trauma cases because someone couldn't keep his drunk-ass at home and off the streets.  oy.

ok, here's a year's end list that you'll not see on any other fag-blog.  here are my favorite USPS stamps of 2011!  in no particular order:

i especially liked the U.S. Scientists commemorative.  of course, i studied the works of all these folks and  my dissertation advisors had worked with Dr. Ochoa.