Thursday, January 12, 2012


my brief holiday hiatus has hardly been.......'restful.'  had to tackle a difficult and bad situation and was neck-deep before i realized just what an awful ball of hair this mess was.  I see how i'm moving forward, and it's the rest o' de worl' that will have to get with the program or not....i see which way i'm heading and that is what i'm doing.
in a 2 week period, several checks with forged signatures were passed on my checking account.  i've gotten my money back, and if i were behaving in a fashion typical of me, there would be blood on the floor, on the ceiling, and something would be on fire. anyhoo.....this is an opportunity for me to show grace.  i've never been a good Quaker....too quick to kick, the people that stole from me are paying me back, directly and i'm not pursuing the 38 felony charges.  it would be easier to go forward with charges BUT easier isn't always best.  i've picked my course and the stress i've been feeling has eased some.....i'm a professional worrier so it'll never completely leave me, but this is one thing less to worry over.