Monday, November 14, 2011

Saturday was a good mail day.  Received letters from Erik, my favorite German lawyer; Kate, my favorite Ph.D.-candidate in Australia; the latest issue of The Journal of Immunohematology, the new album from VNV Nation, more artsy-fartsy fag films from Netflix, and a check from my cousin reimbursing me for her share of a gift for our eldest aunt.  my post-master's assistant (pert, pretty blond gal) commented that i always have something in the mail.   it's on purpose, got tired of only getting sales circulars and bills.  to keep a good thing going, i'm posting a massive mail-out....i'm trying to use up excess $0.29 postage due to the January 2012 rate, 35 vintage magazine cover and movie poster postcards are heading out.  i happened to glance at a calendar.....definitely, it was an "oh, shit" kind of's time to get the Crimmus cards, together......oy.  
i'm tempted to mention a brief, semi-anonymous (heh, we pretended to not know each other, mmmkay?) liason i had Friday after work...but this isn't THAT kind (a most certainly NSFW!) of blog.  i'll just say that i was very very tired the next day at work, but it was hard to keep a dopey kool-aid smile off my face.