Friday, November 18, 2011

today has already been quite a day. got up and listened to my dad bitch and raise hell and dictate his shopping list for the grocery store. i went to shower and get pressed and dressed before embarking on the errands. my dad is NOT supposed to drive but he took the car keys (again) and went to the likker store. now, it's my fault for leaving the keys in the open. anyways, i was getting a roiling freakout started after he's disappeared in my car for 2 hours. my brother's girlfriend drives up in my car with the daddy in the passenger seat. he says he lost the keys at the likker store and was stranded. the hoochie showed up and found them. the real story is the lady at the likker store picked them up when he left them on the counter because she didn't think he needed to be driving. see, the challenge with my dad is determining if his weird behavior is hypokalemia (he's very prone to it), another TIA (miniature stroke), OD'd on his blood-pressure meds, again, or is he drunk?
yes, all my business is out there. deal.

definitely needed ME time so i went to the coffee-shop. on the way, i stopped and paid the electric bill.....for some reason only half had been paid. no one can tell me what happened with the remaining funds since i had sent the complete amount(i'm beginning to think The Help are worse than unreliable, they are untrustworthy). as i was leaving the power association office, i entered the highway and crossed in front of a truck that was 11 car lengths ahead. he honks his horn. i give him the finger. i stop to get gas and he pulls up, hops out, and thinks he's going to speak to me like i'm not a child of God. calmly, quietly, i tell him i'll cut him open and hang his guts all over the gas pumps like crimmus tree decorations." he shut up, got in his truck and left. it was the wrong day, and i was the wrong faggot for some str8 man to try and smell his piss like he was grown.

serenity is in short supply. i had to turn down an opportunity that would be a 60:40 clinical:teaching position. i cannot afford to lose my premiums and, despite my wanting to work easier hours and returning to teaching it seems i'm stuck in this particular grind until something amazing happens: that being my 37 year old brother suddenly grows-the-fuck-up.

someone 'donated' 4 kittens.....that's a nice way of saying 'dropped them on my doorstep.' they are black-calico/tuxedo mixes. really ferocious lil' bits of fluff. one is so tiny that even if its eyes and ears are open and it takes solid food, it's getting bottle-fed 3 to 4 times a day just in case. they look to be about 5 weeks old.

this weekend, i hope to get The Heap better organized. i also have some plans for some steel-grey merino wool...thinking a hat or scarf. plus, i need to finish the Julian Barnes book. hopefully, i'll be able to not HAVE to leave the house for a day or two. days off are for relaxation/restoration, right?