Sunday, October 30, 2011

this lovely young man is former-Marine Scott Olsen.  i've been reading about how he was injured by the police  (more, here!)during their draconian reaction to the Occupy protests held in Oakland CA.   Michael Moore had this to say about the root causes of such violence:

“We’ve seen the militarization of our local police departments because Congress has spent billions to buy them armaments … even spying systems to prepare them for what they believe is the inevitable,” Moore said. “Sooner or later the people aren’t going to take it anymore.”[link, here]

 Mr. Olsen was struck on the head with a tear-gas grenade and has suffered a skull-fracture.  Police violence against peaceful demonstrators is not unusual in American history.  There are several videos of the incident available for viewing on the internet and the callousness of the 'law-enforcement' officers is more than disheartening.  Well-wishes for Mr. Olsen can be sent to:
Mr. Scott Olsen (patient)
c/o  Alameda County Medical Center-Highland Hospital
1411 East 31st Street
Oakland CA  94602