Wednesday, November 2, 2011

it seems that 'good-mail days' impinge on the blogging.  oh, well.  i had 3 long letters to read from Germany, yesterday.  one of the letters is from a former grad skewl colleague, Holger.  it's strange, Holger is at least 30 years too young for it but he writes in the German Sütterlinschrift.  i keep forgetting to ask him if this is an affectation or is it something else.  it makes reading his letters sometimes hard if he forgets that my German is pretty weak and doesn't write in English or use a modern script.  
i'm trying to be a bit calmer at work.......the team i lead have all slipped into a kind of needy validation-seeking mode and it's really worked my last nerve.  i've concluded that i'd not be surprised should  2 of them find a turd; they would bring it to me and ask that i confirm, "yes, it is a turd."  i look forward to going off rotation soon and someone else will have to watch this hospital for a few days.  at this point, i feel i need to introduce some definitions:

The Heap is my desk at home.    The Pile is the collection of books, articles, and professional journals-to-be-read.  i'm fantastically far behind and i, thanks to, can purchase books faster than i can read them. 
on my days off, i'm hoping to reintroduce some 'structure' to The Heap.  it's almost embarassing....i was rummaging for something before leaving for work, and found that i had a centrifuge crammed into the back of the vertical file drawer.  i'd thought i'd donated it to some highschool or something.   i'm somewhat dyspraxic so i really have to pay attention and budget time to attend to keeping things organized, and as busy as things have been lately with work, and my Dad's health concerns the "attending to The Heap" i've sacrificed Heap-time for other things........