Friday, October 7, 2011

i guess Mr. Steve Jobs was an innovator, a genius, etc., etc.   i'm not as certain because there was nothing in his product line that was cheap enough for most folks i know to afford.   most folks 'round these parts are too busy humpin' it trying to keep lights on in the house to be buying luxuries like iPods, iPads, and the like.   so, he had tremendous impact.  well, if'n you say so............if Matt Lauer is to be believed, he's due for beatification.   i wonder if he would have lived so long if'n he had regular-folks access to healthcare?   i guess if i were a better Christian, i wouldn't notice.  
i know this post is one in a sour-tone.  i had a bucket of hell at work (saving lives and raising the dead is hard work, y'all.) and come home to find a hot mess.   i have to struggle to remain centered in my fab'lusness and not feel like i'm living a captivity narrative.  on paper, i actually do well....but what i cannot put in the calculations is how i have to cover the gap left after my dad's pension is spent to cover his mandated medicare supplemental insurance, his medications, and his life insurance (why can't we call it what it is??  burial insurance!).   i cannot include the wiping out of my savings thanks to shitty-bank trying to foreclose on my parents' house after Katrina.  it would be easy to be bitter.....especially when one cannot help noticing how great a disparity exists between how things "are supposed to be" and how they actually are.   i guess i'm a 99%-er.   i have health insurance but i cannot afford my co-pay.  i've even got dental!!   and the co-pay is astronomical.  i think i'm just throwing away money every pay-period but i have a terror of being without it...........the gal at the SSA office told my father he'd see significant increases in his 'budget' if he'd give up his home.   she had a sparkle in her voice when she told us this little 'nugget.'   it ain't gonna happen.

i'm actually relieved to see the protestors on Wall's a relief to find out that i'm not the only one who has had this disturbing feeling that something is very, very wrong. 

'nuff said.....