Wednesday, October 5, 2011


another of my personal saints has spoken!

i truly miss my local independent bookstores.  i do buy too much from but living in the boonies with no local bookstores and a gutted public library system, the has become almost a necessity for me (my friend FatCat and i DO make book-buying trips to "the big cities.")   i admit that i've been tempted by the Kindle devices but i worry that i won't have the experience of 'diving into' a text without the sensual input of having the book in hand.  secondly, the portability is very very intriguing BUT i'm quite absent-minded (pudding-brained) and am prone to misplacing things like books, cellphones, and keyrings.  i'm not rich enough to be blase' about misplacing an electronic device that cost enough money that i could have purchased 20-30 books for that amount (or one good technical book....i'm saving the beer-can money for Jessup Shively's Complex Intracellular Structures in Prokaryotes which is a bargain at $183.20 + s.&h.   last time i looked!)