Saturday, October 8, 2011

ok, yesterday's pity-party is over.  have tons to get ready for the Oktoberfest celebration at the coffee-shop.  as resident coffee-shop philosopher, i've a ton of philosophizin' to do.   just for shits and giggles, i put up a personal advertisement on OKCupid.   oy, what evils in a past-life have i committed!?!?   some of the 'matches' were bad enough for me to consider tracking down someone and whuppin' 'em.   tho', the molecular entomologist was kind of........."intriguing" to say the least.   as usual, the ones that seem worth engaging with are too far away.  *sigh*  i think it'd be neat to discuss the problems that humans would have if, like some armored scale insects, humans had 20+ sexes, or like the clam shrimp, had 3 'sexes,' or consider Tetrahymena which has 7,  or like Schizophyllum communae, had > 25,000 sexes.