Friday, June 21, 2013

still on the rough-side of the mountain.

i've just finished Stephen Asma's On Monsters.  It was migrating about The Pile for awhile and finally I put my hand to it.  excellent i'd put on the list for the adult religious education discussion group......(*as if those lazy asses actually read anything*)......ah, well.  i was expecting more a discussion of how monsters function in moral imagination.  not sure why. Dr. Asma's not too hard on the eyes, either.....seriously,  a contender for Insanely Jealous and Possessive Imaginary Boyfriend status.  asma when confronted by the zombi-apocalypse, we all imagine we'll discover untapped oceans of agency and efficacy and will swiftly dispatch the revenants and set up our own little empire in the post-apocalyptic world.  i wonder if such imaginings percolate through the minds of the denizens of Teabagistan and those militia-types when they imagine their overthrow of the government.  i have greater faith in F-150s than BillyJoeBob with his AR15s.  just sayin'...........
i wonder if the monster-function has been replaced with "celebrities" ....i have a co-worker that i have to admit is a wee bit dumb (*boiled turnips got her beat*).....the disturbing thing is she tends to talk about these "celebrities" as if she truly knows they hang out and stuff.  she prattles endlessly about Lindsey and Justin and Kim and......i don't know who most of them are but her ego-investment is.......extraordinary (?)....i don't know what word to is pretty incomprehensible to me.  of course, i'm the "evil-one"  since Michael Jackson's death affected me not at all.  just some dead pedophile.  Princess Diana?  never met her.  and despite the media-hype...never could feel sorry for her.  bitch never had to work...never had to sweat paying a light bill or put groceries on the table.  and now, Paula Deen is running around N-wording all over the place.  i think folks in general lose their minds when they get a lot of money. (*oh Lord, i promise i won't lose MY mind if'n i should when more than $500 million in the lott'ry!*)
hopefully, i've come more back-to-myself....i took a hard-knock when my brother was in an truck is totalled and it was just dumb luck my brother wasn't killed.  so, just when i thought i was finished with the rough-side of the mountain i find i'm pitched back down it.  guess it is a good thing i'm pretty used to being poor. i was actually giddy for awhile when my brother was on his own in Oklahoma and i actually saw myself being able to begin saving, again.  i even was entertaining the notion of going on a vacation...i've never been on vacation.  he loves his crap-job that doesn't support him and his bitch so it's on me again to keep the household going with 2 more people under the roof AND a shiteater with mental problems.  ("shiteater" is the proper Southern terminology to denote "dog")