Sunday, November 11, 2012


today is one of those days where i have this suspicion that the majority of my "distinguished colleagues" at work are just a pile of unrepentant half-steppers, fuck-ups, and idjits.  between the "snake-bit-and-crazy" contingent and the "spotted-ass-apes-amok" crew, it's been pretty damn harrowing.   ah, can't fix stupid.  there is a third contingent, it seems, whom i shall call "the lost geese."  in theory, everyone here is college-educated.........and that is truly a scary thought.  so.......i need entry will be "shit that pleases me" for no particular reason other than........this shit, it pleases me.
1.  The Power of Books pics i stole from Assorted Miscellany:
2. a funny pic of an elegant housecat: 
3.  this photo makes me think of my great-uncle clyde, justs put a cigarette in his mouth and a tumbler with some bourbon in his paw:
4.this is just bunny-rabbit-awesomeness:
5.  C215!!!!   click on it to see his Flickr pages!!
New Stencils by C215 street art stencils graffiti