Monday, September 10, 2012

we have data.......and they aren't utile!

i've discovered that i have stats!   wow. 

these are curiously not informative:

 i am strangely popular in algeria.  the earliest visits to my blog entries each day are from the russian federation and indonesia.

and my blog can be found by searching the terms "cremasteric reflex"  "daddy fucks son"  [i'd really like to see what kind of strange math was in the algorithm that led to that particular phrase leading someone to my blog since all blog entries are saved as text files and i ran a parsing program to search for those words as a unit and found nothing], and "fit touch chub."

the primary referring site seems to be google.......tho' it's less a contribution than referral from other fag-centric blogs (the weighted values would indicate fag-verse dominance to google-age).