Saturday, August 18, 2012

i want....

from Neuroanthropology 
"The brain and the nervous system are our most cultural organs. Our nervous system is especially immature at birth, our brain disproportionately small in relation to its adult size and open to cultural sculpting at multiple levels. Recognizing this, the new field of neuroanthropology places the brain at the center of discussions about human nature and culture. Anthropology offers brain science more robust accounts of enculturation to explain observable difference in brain function; neuroscience offers anthropology evidence of neuroplasticity's role in social and cultural dynamics. This book provides a foundational text for neuroanthropology, offering basic concepts and case studies at the intersection of brain and culture."
This sounds like it would be perfect for The Coalition of Smart Folks book club to take up.
These, i believe i'll Kindle because the little mentions they've received at Band of Thebes intrigued moi:   
Summer  Fall  Gulliver  Peck2