Thursday, July 19, 2012

that just cracks me up

sometimes, for no good reason, a phrase in a story or book just "sticks"  or is inexplicably funny.....e.g., from Patricia Highsmith's The Boy Who Followed Ripley:   [ok, picture it.....Ripley is speaking to Billy who is really Ripley's study in his lurvly house in France]

"'I was thinking of a title I made up for a Lied.  "My soul has not been the same since Thursday afternoon, when on opening a book of Goethe's poems, I discovered an old laundry-list."  It goes better in German.  "Seit donnerstag nachmittag ist meine Seele nicht dieselbe, denn ich fand beim Durchblattern eines Bandes von Goethegedichten eine alte Wascheliste."'

ok, that shit just cracks me up.

or from Umberto Eco's Baudolino, we have Bishop Otto to Baudolino:

"I am not asking you to bear witness to what you believe false, which would be a sin, but to testify falsely to what you believe true-----which is a virtuous act because it compensates for the lack of proof  of something that certainly exists or happened."

ok, that shit just cracks me up, too.  AND i think it could be commentary to some of our American political punditry.