Wednesday, July 18, 2012

as of right now......

currently reading:  Disease Ecology:  Community Structure and Pathogen Dynamics by Sharon Collinge and Chris Ray.
   good stuff.

current suffering:  i wore sandals as i invoked the lawn-mower god and slew the lawn and forgot to put sunscreen on my toes.  das piggies ist scorched! 

current ponderification:  why must it be so complicated when all i want to do is tell the cute boy at the Coffee Bar that i want to mop his face with my dick and balls???

current ponderfication #2:  with the advances in IVF technologies and the relatively cheap access to third-world uteri, why do the blessed queer-folk still put up with str8 devil bullshit!?!?  they're not as necessary as they used to be, if'nyouknowhutimean.

currently reading #2:  The Boy Who Followed Ripley by Patricia Highsmith.

current "AWESOME!!!!!":  i went to buy flowers and i arrived at the shop just before stock was to be rotated so i got 3 dozen roses for $10!!!!!!!   (*hums to self:  "i am the ocean.....and i rule the wooorrlllll!!!"*)

currently eating:  home-made Thai-style chicken salad (coconut, curry,galangal, etc) on a croissant with butter lettuce.

currently reading#3: " Polydnaviruses as Symbionts and Gene Delivery Systems" by Michael R. Strand and Gaelen Burke.  fascinating stuff.  some parasitoid wasps have subverted (?) the viruses into something like a biological weapon against their prey-species.....the viruses sort of re-program the host/prey physiology to make it easier for the baby wasps to eat them.

current ponderification #3:  which of the Franco brothers can carry more spare-change in his foreskin??(both have apparently alluded to their foreskins in interviews)

current aggravation:  the "house" band at the coffee bar is preparing to record, tonight.  they suck and not in the good way.   bless their hearts.  

current dread:  i go back on rotation at the hospital, tomorrow.