Thursday, June 7, 2012

this book sucks and not in the good way

i've a friend who is sort of a vampire-goth chick obsessed with gender-ambiguous Japanese pop singers and actors.  she's the managing librarian for the public li-berry in E-town and for gay pride month she's done a very discrete Gay Interest shelf.....nothing to shock the very conservative blue-hairs which run the show over that way.   anyhoo.......she spent her limited funds on including the 2012 Orange Prize winner Madeline Miller's Song of Achilles.   oy.  the people over at wherever the hell it is they confabulate together to decide who wins the prize had already dug quite a hole for themselves with the Tea Obreht book winning last was shit.  well, they're still digging.   yeah, it's a gay themed book and i guess we should be happy BUT  it's an awful piece of tripe.  Daniel Mendelsohn gave quite a review for it to which i can only add "yeah, what HE said."  don't buy either of these books and get something by Marguerite Yourcenar or Juan Goytisolo.