Tuesday, June 5, 2012

i've been Googled?!?!


have had a bit of strangeness.  i've been "googled" and it was strange to have someone i really don't know suddenly asking questions about DNA-binding  and -remodeling proteins, paramutagenic alleles,  and chromosomal organizers.  i went and googled myself and thankfully the pickings are quite slim......there's only a scant few  obscure references to my research work and about 8 of "me" on Facebook.  the experience was strange given how exposed i felt especially since that my research work was more than a few years ago.  my reaction is worthy of some ponderification, i think.  just don't have much time for it. 

i've spent the day taking down some fencing around my garden. 

The Countess came to visit me this weekend.  we went to see the Avengers and well.....we are unanimous in our impression that it was best left for DVD.   very disappointing and of course there was no peen to be seen.   the story-line was horribly thin and no peen to make up for it.   hell, the Xmen First Class could have been utter shit but Fassbender and crew had enough floppings about the trouser-fronts to make it watchable.  in the Avengers.....nada.    *sigh*

 i'm getting back into the swing of my mailings.  i sent out a large postcrossing dispatch and i'm working on horribly belated letters.....just felt too depleted and easily distracted to do anything "proper" and worth bothering anyone with for quite awhile.  i think my monkey-stomping a supervisory idiot at work was just the tonic i needed.......