Sunday, June 10, 2012

gimme gimme gimme

ah, "the pain of being pure of heart."  rather, "the annoyance of being a 'sponsible adult."  some of my dad's meds have been rescheduled by the insurance company so i'm in the process of rebudgeting.  one thing i've done is try to enforce a moratorium on my 'discretionary' spending.......fewer books, less china, less ammo.......the usual.  funny thing is, when you try to truly limit one's spending.....suddenly....the whole worl' is just full of shit you KNOW is absolutely essential to not only living la dolce vita but to being a fully-actualized and amazing human being.  (ok, a little bit of hyperbole for sarcasm's sake).   anyhoo........confronted with this "topos of ineffability" 'cause alla sudden-like there is just so much shit i'd like to buy i'll, 'a la Eco, resort to a list!!!
   i really found Sandel's book Justice to be very useful and i'm sufficiently intrigued by a Guardian review that i'd really like to buy my friends at the lie-berry indicates that this is likely a purchase i'll have to make since they are broke over there at the lie-berry.
Hames  this, purely because i lurvs the cover-art, srsly.  and, it'll give me a deeper, richer understanding of my legions of insanely jealous and imaginary boyfriends living in Argentina, Columbia, and Cuba.
Intothegraden   well, d'uh!  it's a romantic gay gardening memoir!!  and there are hollyhocks on the cover!
Celt   Llosa did win the Nobel Prize for Literature.  and, super-gay Irish nationalists are always interesting.
  The Illumina HiSeq 2500 bead array/dna sequencer.   *sigh*   a boy can dream.  
  there's no such thing as too much Joseph Conran Chinoiserie, right?  i have been greatly affected by the chinoiserie wall papers in several rooms of the R____ House (a mansion in my hometown which is now being used for soirees and the like......).
  an oldie, but a goodie:   Indecent Theology:  Theological Perversions in Sex, Gender, and Politics.  i'd so love to get this onto the Adult R. E. reading list at church...........
  kung-fu fighting/ninja  computer-hacker Turkish drag queen detective tracking down a serial killer.