Thursday, May 24, 2012

and now, we do our Happy Dance


y'all, i am almost too afraid to hope for this but if all goes as planned my brother's stoopid bitch of a girlfriend will be on a bus to the middle of nowhere come this next wednesday.  after 4 years of having to support my brother (himself not such a bother but he always has a hoochie-in-tow) they will be out from under my feet.  i hate that my brother will be so far away BUT just having to support my Dad and myself will be so much easier.  it has not come to pass fast say i suffer with compassion-fatigue is an understatement.  i really have gone beyond the point that i have anything to invest in someone else's difficulties.  the detachment has approached being cruel, at times.  no apologies offered, it is what  it is.   Lynn was horrified when i cut off someone's story of current life-difficulties with "sorry, i'm not on the clock so i'm not being paid to care so please just shut up."   it was truthful.  still  is, for the most part.   it will get better..........just need the time of not having to take care of so much.