Friday, May 18, 2012

ah, Friday night.  a prett-eh fellow left his number for me with the barista at the coffee shop.  i'm in a i call or no?.   i'm stranger than most folks can handle.   anyhoo.....

i'm still struggling with a diffusion in concentration.....still akratic as hell.  it's not depression...simply acedia.  i've got much to   *sigh*   if i believed a tumble with the prett-eh man would improve my spirits i'd be blowing up his phone right now BUT i had a wunnerful dalliance with a twenty-somethin' bucket of prett-eh this past Thursday morning (like, yesterday bitches!) and i'm still mopey.   i mentioned my mopiness to a co-worker and how i considered doing my laundry to be my greatest source of a feeling of accomplishment.  the good works i perform at work, the lives i've directly affected don't seem to count for much.   i did resolve a truly complex transfusion problem and sorted out a patient with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia.  so.....i oooze the awesomeness.   still, i feel "meh" 'bout it.   i need a vacation.

my brother is in South Dakota or Oklahoma.   hope all is well because right now i have no way of rescuing his ass if he gets into a pickle.....which is something he has an extraordinary talent for doing.

i am wondering where all the shit i've ordered from is.........i thought it would be here this morning but.......still no stuff.   *sigh*   should be ok.  i like books i can discuss and apparently no one reads 'round these parts so no one to talk books with....oh, they read supernatural themed "bodice-rippers" and the like and i don't.  i tried.   didn't work so well.....all that nasty hetero-stuff.   just "icky"