Monday, March 12, 2012

pudding-brained-ness rules my day.  i am completely at a loss trying to remember which queer theologian asserted homosex as a  praxis of a theology of hospitality and generosity.  if'n i were on the Jeopardy program, i'd guess the late Marcella Althaus-Reid.  but, i am quite uncertain and am busy philosophizin' and being a general old crank at the coffee shop and cannot access the theology shelves in my home office (The Heap).  my new anti-hypertensive makes me constantly sleepy and woolly-headed.  it's all about acclimation and i'll "get used to it."  hopefully, i will be functioning normally in time to go back to work. 
i've laid out paper and pens at my desk...for days, now.  just haven't been making myself sit down and write.  it's not hard to do......just have to quit giving in to diffusions of intention and concentration.  finished 2 anthologies of collected American letters.  i recommend Andrew Carroll's Letters of A Nation.  there's another slim volume put out by some str8 woman that seems to be a weak abstract from Carroll's book.  just an impression.   i'm not going to mention anything to specific about that other book because my impression is that the woman who promulgated it is a Republican ass-licker.  my blog, and i'll do as i please.