Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jason Russell
Jason Russell is the director of the "Kony 2012" video.  there are a lot of conflicting stories of him being arrested or just detained or only transported to a hospital.  There is a video on TMZ and other places that is purported to be a video of Mr. Russell raving and masturbating.   the clip i saw could be anyone.  anyhoo.....i just think it telling that depending on how "conservative" the news vendor trends the more salacious the headlines regarding the incident.  anyhoo.....i'm elevating him to my newest possessive and insanely jealous imaginary boyfriend.  hope it makes him feel better.  i kind of think it is a bit unworthy of "us" as human folks to make "entertainment" of someone having a difficult situation.   just my $0.02.
 Dharun Ravi was convicted of all 15 charges against him in the intimidation, harassment, and invasion of privacy which are believed to be contribution to Tyler Clementi's throwing himself off the George Washington Bridge.  he'll face up to ten years in prison and deportation.  it's a victory, but one young man is dead and another's life in a shambles because of his stupidity [stupidity is volitional and not necessarily a cognitive deficiency---a pet working-theory of mine-----more, later.].   he's not a bad looking young man: don't you wish our "moral monsters" had horns and tails.  makes it easier to spot 'em and avoid them.    there aren't any winners, hope folks are praying for the families of both young men. 
now, just because it's an interesting thought and The Coalition of Smart Folks Book and Discussion Club along with the Free State Gay Gun & Garden Club will likely take the paper up for consideration:  here is an unpublished working paper that seems to be an extreme argument of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis ( i don't know if or how Klingons figure into it, heh.):  The Effect of Language on Economic Behavior:  Evidence from Savings Rates, Health Behaviors,and Retirement Assets.  by M. Keith Chen of Yale University.  interesting thought.  now, i'd like someone to explain why, in English, terms for self-gratification are almost always violent, e.g., "flogging the bishop," or "beating the meat," or "choking the chicken," or "strangling the weasel."  
  this is Namazu.  he's a pesky catfish that wiggles his tail and makes earthquakes and tsunamis. he's not necessarily or essentially evil....being a "god of worldy rectification."  anyhoo.....this other god, named Kashima, keeps Namazu in line by holding a big rock on him.  Kashima gets tired or distracted then Namazu thrashes free and there's trouble.   perhaps, Kashima can enlist the aid of Gojira or Gamera or Mothra to keep Namazu quiet.   why did i blog this?  because it's kinda neat and i could and i came across it on Bora Zivkovic's blog