Thursday, March 1, 2012

one of THOSE days.....

this is one of THOSE days.

i'm sublimating or something but i'm almost getting sprung listening to Skrillex's Kill Everybody on infinite loop.

i'm back on rotation at the hospital, tonight.  i am seriously mentally, emotionally, and physically unprepared for this shit.

too happy to get a massive Postcrossing mail out done.

at the coffee shop being depressed and desperately wanting to say to this bitch sitting behind me, "bitch!  i know yo' ass can work a mirror! why yo' ass outside the house lookin' like THAT!?!?"  but i won't because i'm such a frickin' nice person.

just finished the first two of Sax Roehmer's Dr. Fu Manchu 'mysteries' and they're racist as hell but i guess it's in context.  the entire series will be released by Titan books, i think.  cannot really remember the publisher, right now.

dear, you said all my shit would be here YESTERDAY!!!!!! now, it is TODAY and still no shit!   bitches.

the word for today is "escape fantasy."