Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ah, i moved my blog presence here with the intention of being a bit better at regular posting.  so much to do.  *sigh*  i really could use an assistant....preferably one who is compliant, eager-to-please, has appealing belly fuzzification, and knows his away around spreadsheet software and Origin graphical software.  i can't pay anything but i can make biscuits and three kinds of gravy every morning...for the right guy. 

M. and i went to the movies this weekend.  it was quite a long time since i'd gone to the movies.  usually, i find a way to get out of it.  a lot of the time, the crowd's behavior is an unappealing prospect.  Orhan Pamuk has held that film and television are  where folks learn how to act and i guess the influence of reality-television is now evident when too many folks believe that they are remarkably interesting when, truthfully, they aren't at all. her moving closer to home is still a vague plan.   the moral monsters are now held as the things we should aspire to be.  *sigh*  it doesn't explain the complete and utter lack of moral imagination displayed by those who are aspiring to be our leaders.  they are from a generation or two before "reality" television. 

we also managed to get by A so she could get her stationery fix.  i had to help myself to some, as well.   later, as we poured over our loot i realized that the paper i'd purchased had a subtle sparkle.  i remember when Remy was very small and i let him pick out a card to send to his playschool teacher i asked him why he chose the particular one he insisted was the best and he declared, "IT SPARKLES!!!!!"  heh.   to this day, i will find something sparkly and have to say, "IT SPARKLES!!"  i really admired how he felt that it was so obvious!  i must be old, he'll be a college sophomore this Fall. despite his mom and dad being completely hopeless shits, i think he's going to be okay.  

M. and i also knocked over a bookstore.  we both have moritoria on book buying but....y'know.....it really couldn't be helped.  i'm half-way through Sarah Schulman's new book: