Friday, February 10, 2012


tonight, we've been 'blessed' with a poet who has traveled from Texas to perform for us.  i don't's a prima donna thing.  i've met several Nobel Laureates and eminent science types and i guess i was spoiled because they, for the most part,  were kind and self-deprecating and a real joy to meet and interact with....... this 'artiste' is working my last damn nerve.  tho' he is coming to us from Texas, he acts like one of those aggressive Northerners who seems compelled to instruct us Southerners on just how bigoted, backward, and ignorant we are.........yeah, this is going to be a bucket of joy.   his pink-haired girlfriend is affecting an accent that makes Madonna's "too-the-manor-born" British accent seem authentic.  i'm not sure just what it is supposed to be.......i spent the larger part of the afternoon thinking she had some kind of speech impediment.   i'll gracefully depart after the introduction.  i'm awfully close to just pitching him and his chattel out on their ears.   a friend worked as an artist-liaison for a certain famous venue and of all the 'artistes' she encountered the only one she speaks ill of is Lang Lang.  she likened him to an over-indulged retard.  i laugh.  but i don't think he's really THAT good....better than average.....but definitely not the best concert pianist on the a wide margin, too.   and having to WATCH him perform!!!!  agony.   too much artistic gesture and not enough artistry in the interpretation.  ok.  just me airing some foul opinion.   my blog, bitches.

i watched Antartica, a sweet gay comedy from Israel from filmmaker Yair Hochner.  it stirred a vague hankering for a trip to Tel Aviv.  we watched A Love to Hide which is about 2 gay lovers hiding a Jewess during the German occupation of France.  of course, Fuzz got emotional; i was just a little weepy.  i told Fuzz i'd give him a hug but he had to wash his face and blow his nose first.   i don't care how a-dork-able he is, i'm not having him wipe his nose on me even if it is disguised in a huggle.

i'm going to make Fuzz watch a documentary about Birds of Paradise.  their mating dances and displays are so bizarre that i imagine the first person to see and report them feared that they would be accused of making it all up.  that, or they'd eaten a bad coconut.