Saturday, October 1, 2011

 i cannot rightly say that my pleasure at watching Midsomer Murders has nothing to do with Mr. Jason Hughes.  he is quite pleasing to look in evidence, fact, i've 'elevated' Mr. Hughes to the status of insanely jealous and possesive imaginary boyfriend.  when i got off work this morning, i watched one of the 3 Midsomer Murders that Netflix had sent to my PO box.  yesterday was a good-mail day.....3 Midsomer Murders plus a letter from my friend Susan  in Washington, D.C.  very nice.  still, i think i am short an issue or two of Harper's.   my mail is often mixed up with that of a construction company or with a cousin, now deceased, who was active at the state-level with the Congregational Methodists.   i should feel diligent enough to find out just what is the difference between Congregational Methodists and the United Methodists but i've survived this long without knowing; i probably can make it a little while longer.

on the drive to work, i listened to one of my favourite programs on the radio, On Point.  the featured guest was graphic novelist Craig Thompson.  photo evidence stolen from his website :

AND how well he conducted himself in the interview AND how impressive his graphic novel Blankets was lead  me into another elevation and, lo!  him an insanely jealous and possessive imaginary boyfriend, too!!  i hope to get his new graphic novel, Habibi, soon.