Friday, July 19, 2013

farrago, hotchpotch,olio,omnium-gatherum

i'm not a fan of Dan Brown, and this is one of the funniest reviews of some Dan Brown crap i've read in quite a while:  "The Heroic Absurdity of Dan Brown:  The Less His Talent, The More Amazing His Achievement" by Clive James.
Interesting little piece at Harper's:  "On Suicide" by Clancy Martin.
Something important is happening in California....i've not seen or heard about it on corporate news.  click here and get your ass informed.
you really should keep a journal!!
for those assy emo types that insist that they have to "find" themselves, here's a graphic from to help them (hint:  they will find they are in the vicinity of the tiny, yellow smudge in the scenter of the gun-site symbol:
Looking for life through a straw. Kepler, that exoplanet-hunting telescope that is currently looking at a not-so-bright future after a major mechanical failure, only ever gazed at a tiny portion of the sky.
To date, it has found 134 confirmed exoplanets, and over 3,000 candidates, by looking for small dips in star intensity as far-off worlds pass in front of their stars.
Imagine how much more there is to discover. 
(via NASA)
Ed Yong has a piece in Nature about some newly discovered giant viruses named Pandoraviruses because they look like amphorae. 
even snails sometimes have the urge to decorate and embellish!  click the link to see even more elaborately examples of
shells from Xenophorid snails.