Sunday, June 9, 2013

nothing in particular comes to mind

impressions, doings, and observations........a list:
  • after work Saturday morning, i stopped at the P.O. for some postal lurv and i had lots of postal lurv.  some stuff from (of course) and some thing that for a moment reduced me to being an 11 year old Japanese school-girl SQUEEEEEE!!!!-ing her head off.........WASHI tape
  • picked up the new Johnny Cash commemorative stamp:
  • i've decided there is no graceful way to tell a co-worker that s/he is a waste of carbon and space.  if only this poor soul would expend 1/10th the energy invested in looking busy in real work......productivity around here would be astronomical.
  • 3 teaching posts have come open and i am more than a little tempted.  sadly, even the prospects of torturing undergrads cannot justify the pay cut.  *sigh*  i am telling myself i don't need the daily struggle with the willfully ignorant and unprepared. 
  • it's a good thing i don't invest much in "signs and omens".  on my way to work, i was driving on the interstate and a snake came flying over in front of my car.....i thought, "what the fuck!??!?" and, "oh shit, i'ma goin' back to the house!!"   the snake was in the claws of a large red-tailed hawk that flew over just ahead of my car. 
    there ARE snakes that can glide.  fortunately, they are restricted to Malaysia and thereabouts.