Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ich finde ihn sehr ansprechend, im romantischen Sinne und im sexuellen Sinn.

well, this has been a little bucket of hell here in the neighborhood.  of the last 17 days, it has rained 16.  best days it's just a heavy mucky misting that doesn't stop.  today was going to be a bright spot....i paid off my Dad's truck loan so he's debt-free, now.  i was looking forward to maybe pulling ahead in the next few months BUT my Dad insisted i call my brother and "check up" on him.  well, THAT was a bad idea.  now, my brother wants me to rent a U-Haul and drive to Oklahoma and rescue him and his spotted-ass bitch. 
i've always had too much to do and too little money to be successful at serious boozification but some chemical obliteration looks good, at the moment.   i'll have to go to the coffee bar, instead.  they've started a trivia tournament and so far i'm undefeated and have accumulated enough gift-certificates that i've not paid for anything at the coffee-bar in nearly 3 months.  (i'm impressed with myself since sports and television trivia are foreign languages to me).  i think i'll be banned from competition, eventually.  23 years of education and 3 college degrees and  have paid off. 

it's not been ALL bad, i did gert to watch the East German film "Coming Out" which received it's premier just before the wall fell.....and it's lead actor , Matthias Freiihof  (Gott sei Dank!! Er ist schwul!!) is definitely worthy of elevation to insanely jealous and possessive imaginary boyfriend state.  Ich finde ihn sehr ansprechend, im romantischen Sinne und im sexuellen Sinn.