Monday, January 28, 2013

damn botheration


a straight friend is dating a supposedly straight guy who is a wee bit "bi-curious"  and one of the things he wants to experience is catching a hot load.  so, she envisions she and him having the hot sex and at the "right" moment someone coming in and dropping a load in her boyfriends mouth.  i couldn't help thinking, "why is this bitch bothering me with this?"

i reckon it shouldn't be unexpected but the retail fags at the office supply company screwed the pooch.  instead of my whipping in and picking up my order and whisking it out, i arrive to find they just "price checked" all my shit and nothing had been bundled up and nothing was ready.   there comes a point where it is reasonable to expect the common retail fag to simply just do what they are told.......thinking could damage them, y'know?

cheap retail fag at the coffeeshop thought we'd be impressed that he's hooked up with Andru.  i kind of want to shake him and ask, "how do you figure this is some kind of accomplishment?"  poor thing is using a strange calculus for figuring his self-worth.   ah, the strange maths of those who think division by zero makes perfect sense.  i know he's a transplant from "somewheres else" but surely he's been 'round these parts to realize that big dicks are common as dirt 'round here.

on the porch at the coffee shop i realize that the young fellow i'm talking to has more than a little bit of the "Missi-'bama leg-hound" in his constitution and i'm again wondering why the underage have to be such botherations!!  sorry, can't date someone younger than my shoes.  now, in 10 years, i expect he is going to grow into something spectacular.   just have to keep an eye out for the chickenhawks.