Sunday, December 23, 2012

santa uses the USPS

my visit to the P.O. was very rewarding, i found this waiting in my box:
unfortunately, i'll not be able to begin reading them until i'm off-rotation in 6 days.  work allows only for work and fancy-stuff like reading or a social-life. it explains why i may do some husband-hunting only 28 weeks each year.  truthfully, i take at least 2 days to recover from being on duty so those are 28 "business" weeks.
 i did a massive mail-out (not crimmus cards...they're already done and delivered save perhaps for the ones gone to Nunavut and to Trinidad).  i still haven't done my traditional "Dear Santa" letter.....
i'll work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.   Hopefully, Santa will take pity and i'll get tons of loot.