Monday, July 16, 2012

29 disappointments

  1. realizing that "successful dating" in the gay milieu requires one adopt the psychologies of 14 year old girls.
  2. getting a peek up the leg of a hot guy's shorts and not catching a glimpse of anything.
  3. bad mail days.
  4. reading a new book and realizing that it's one that has already been read. (this is why we make lists)
  5. finding that the local book discussion group is focused solely upon supernaturally-themed series-romances.
  6. men with bad credit and bent dicks.
  7. the coffee-shop doesn't stock your favorite tea, anymore.
  8. the desperately awaited "cost-of-living" adjustment to your paycheck being 7% less than the coincident increases in health insurance premiums.
  9. declarations of love with qualification, i.e., "i love you BUT........"  [a poet once declared such as this akin to the silence of God]
  10. French hydrangeas any color other than blue.
  11. meeting a charming fellow who seems educated, informed, and genuine who then  ruins the moment by asking, "d'you know where i could score some Tina?"  
  12.  visiting the clubs after a significant hiatus (nearly 12 years) that tho' a few faces have changed the stories all remain the same.
  13. the new Mac&Cheese side-order menu item at Wendy's.  that shit is nasty.
  14. that even in the third millenium, we're still having to deal with the same str8 devils' bullshit.
  15. weak coffee.
  16. spending an awful lot of money for the current edition of the Technical Manual (it's a blood banker thing) and shortly upon receipt the AABB announces the release of the latest new edition.
  17. only being attractive to married str8 women.
  18. only being attractive to underage drug addict boys.
  19. the AC decides to die on the hottest day on record
  20. finding the new "bougie eaterie" to be only piss-elegant, overpriced, and the food, awful.
  21. looking back over the sparse list of accomplishments to show for an entire week off from work.
  22. str8 folks who think you want to hear ALL their str8 folks' drama.(this might be more appropriate for my list of 99 Annoyances)
  23.  being out-bid by only a few dollars on a piece of Chihuly glass at the Friends of the Museum of Art silent auction.  especially, by an especially tasteless bitch who will use it for a candy-dish or an ash-tray..
  24. not being allowed to beat students.   stupidity can be cured with application of a stick with vigor.
  25. the lack of considered and evolving thought in American(u.s.)  political discourse.
  26. the diminution of overall scientific literacy in the U.S.A.
  27. being told that there will be a ceili band playing, but when you get there it is an awful Beatles cover-band.
  28. having to wait until the radio announcer reads the playlist because the last 45' of songs all sounded to be the same damn songs to be sure that yes this was indeed 45' of different songs by different performers.  
  29. the LOGO channel.  (does it still exist?)  [don't care.]