Friday, May 4, 2012

ah more blogginess for the day!  i sort of ran out of gas...physically.  when i left the hospital yesterday i din't hit the bed as i should have and did all the laundry (tho' none of the ironing) and wandered about the yard with my pruning saw trimming and shaping things as i went...tho' i'm no fan of topiary, per se.  i didn't make it to bed 'til after 22:00 and got up before 05:00 to haul my brother to his job.  so, i is sleep deficient.  maybe will nap, later but i'm doubting it. 
went to the Higher Grounds coffee shop to meet up with BLZBubba so he could regal me with his night's sexual excesses.  normally, i'd be very uncomfortable clientele-ing with someone so wantonly whorish but he hasn't a drop of guile in him and for those brief moments he spends with his conquests i do believe he loves them.  i couldn't date him nor he me because it would feel like getting bunky off'n a close relative and can we all say "ewwwwww" (tho' some of the Boudreaux and Bourgeois cousins is fine enough to warrant a reconsideration since no progeny could result from the bunkitude but still the notion is just tooo creepy for me).  well, they had a new gal workin' the counter at the coffee shop....a cute, plump dumplin' of a girl...sweet like all the folks workin' there seem to be......she tried to poison me.  went out on the patio where BLZbubba was with the pot of the pear blossom tea ready to pour.  i took a sip and loudly,violently wretched.  it wasn't pear blossom, it was peach.  i only have one peach a year.  i watch it ripen and when it is filled with sweetsunsapgoodness that i cannot resist thinking of Peaches' fuzzy bottom-cheeks, Lowells heavy and ample testicular goodness when i see the peach on the tree perfect in its heaviness and perfume that i have to consume it.....all the long teeth we keep hidden from public view coming forward and the bite followed by the tongue's plunging into the flesh to catch that brief instant that the bruise forms a musky edge to the sweet. the throat pulses as the flesh passes through it like the body pulses at orgasm.   BLZBubba says he wished i'd never told him of how i ate my one he watches his peaches and can never decide when is the moment and thinks he either jumps too soon (the flesh is grainy and a ungrassy green tang that lingers on the tongue all day) or too late (flesh breaks custardy and more musk than taste).  he'll eventually get it right and he might never be the same.  LOL  i don't much care for peaches off the tree, i usually take them in their natural condition which is in my peach cobbler (it's soo good, you'd want to stick your dick in it)  [if you had one, that is]
the tea was artificially peach.  i hate chemical peach.  loathe it.  it is peach-like but so definitely not peach.  for a moment i wanted to storm the counter but Dumplin' just made an honest mistake and she ran out to see what was wrong when i gagged and spit the tea out.  i told her it just caught me by surprise. everything was sorted out and we ended up taking two small pots of tea:  pear blossom and satsuma blossom.  loverly.  srsly.  lvrly. actually, i'm quite glad i did not storm the counter because the first salvo i'd fire would likely have been telling her that her boyfriend (he was sitting at the counter being an annoyingly sweet boyfriend) was gay (ooooh he is sooooo gay, only thing off hand that i can think of gayer is 2 guys sucking 7 guys' dicks).  downside to me not telling her is that should she realize, she'll likely blame herself and herself's plumpnes.  and her boyfriend, we'll call him Nefertiti being he is a Queen of de'Nile, and all, well......hopefully he'll recognize and realize his own self-truth without too much collateral damage.  (i refuse to get started on queens who don't 'realize' until they have wives and chirrens in tow before coming out....i think there are some things a grown ass man knows before he's 40 tho' i cannot speak to anyone's personal conditions or circumstances and won't even try....and i'm thinking of Stephen in particular when i make this statement because he was chasing dick when he was dating his wife, chased dick all through the marriage and never slowed down even when all the kids began showing up and precipitated all kinds of hell by putting the moves on his 18 yr. old daughter's boyfriend while wife and kids are in the house with them!).
i might play with my sewing machine, later.  the learning to sew thing is proceeding very very slowly.  i can now turn on the sewing machine and identify most of the parts of it.  i've some seersucker fabric that i'd love to make a pair of shorts out of.......i don't know why but i think free-ballin' in some seersucker would feel loverly and naughty.    there's this pair of silk pajamas i saw in an old movie with Myrna Loy in it.  M. says she can construct a pattern for them.....she's kinda handy, that way.  i love vintage patterns.  don't know why since, technically, i can't sew.   yet.  
i've also in mind casting on for a bird's eye lace shawl.  and there's a pair of socks i need to start.  the knitting productivity has reached an extraordinary nadir even for me. 
BLZbubba and M. earned their keep because i nearly bought a laser-guided 20" miter saw at the Homo Depot and they successfully talked me out of it.  i don't really need one since i have a miter box, already AND we weren't there to "shop" so much as look at the pretty men.