Monday, January 30, 2012

exhaustion preempts productivity regardless inspiration has struck, or not.  it has been tiring but the check thief is in the jailhouse...for at least 6 months.  she was out on a felony-bond of some kind and this arrest means that the previous bond is revoked.  so, she is no longer "bond-able" and should restitution be made, she'll still be in the poke on her previous charges that i knew nothing about.  so, my "opportunity for grace" came to naught.  don't care, actually.  still, my brother cannot believe his girlfriend (soon to be ex-gf if he has a lick of sense) would have stolen from me. (she's on tape!!!)  he's too tender-hearted for his own good.  it's one thing to hand-rear abandoned baby animals and stuff (opossum's make strange pets.  affectionate but will bite strangers no matter what obedience training you provide).  it is completely another thing to think his "lurv" can transform her into a decent human being.  especially, given she's tried to throw him under-the-bus and blame this on him.  the more he finds out, the more he seems baffled.  i try not to do the "i-told-you-so" stuff too much.  honestly, the bitch is a sociopath and the sooner he realizes that the better off he'll be.   just my $0.02.

so, i've reached the limits of my narrative powers, today.  (i'm very tired) so.......a list of sorts will ensue....

  • a ponderification:  why do so many think that a big dick is all they have( as in it is sufficient to keep my interest beyond a moment)  to offer?  i'm primarily a top and only need sufficient dick to serve as a convenient handle for the steering? honestly, is there any reason to self-invest enough to keep 'em around after a tumble between the sheets?
  • Judith Butler seems to suggest that the experience of loss is the only universal basis for a shared identity across cultures....tho' given her proclivities for "fecund" language it's hard to be definite.....what about the fact that we are all going to die?  everyone is going to die.  even those of us lucky enough to have a long, productive life are, in a sense, "dying in slow-motion."  i think i need a dose of Martha Nussbaum.  
  • just who is in charge at the republican pary?  i'd like to send her/him a letter and ask, "seriously, these are the best you can do?  [i'm referring to the current selection of potential nominees]
  • when it was revealed that Romney only pays a 13.9% income tax rate, i had to lie down.  my tax rate is much, much higher than his and he makes more money in one week than i make in a year.  this is not class-envy, this is more akin to rage.
  • finally, i'm back to reading Haruki Murakami's 1Q84.  it's been quite good tho' nothing that affects me to the core or inspires deep least, not yet.  re-writing policy and procedure manuals depleted me, utterly.  left me almost shattered.  still, i re-designed them so that updates are stream-lined and will be more simple make to the document.  
  • the local unitarian-universalist congregation have failed to convince me to be their "tame faggot."  not so interested in being their badge or totem to display as commemoration of their "liberal-ness."  i actually thought i was going to slap a congregant when he suggested that the gay/lesbian rights struggle was 'just like' the civil rights struggle of African-Americans.  i challenged him to find a 15 year old black child thrown out of his home because his Mama and Daddy suddenly realized his ass was black.   there ARE parallels but there as many tangents as parallels.
  • i think anyone using the word "irregardless" and are not being ironic or sarcastic should have his/her mouth washed out with soap.
  • toying with the idea of trying to resurrect the Coalition of Smart Folks Book Club.  this notion is fraught with trepidation.....folks don't seem to read so much 'round here, these days and i think it would probably be an unnecessary bucket of frustrations and disappointments which i certainly don't need in my life.
  • why does OKCupid insist on offering so many unfortunate and incomprehensible matches?  i'm not so very interested in trying to date someone young enough to be my child.
  • despite there being no peen in the film, i enjoyed Bergman's Autumn Sonata.  Ingrid could act her ass off, y'all.
  • i lamented my problems growing artichokes and Dr. F told me that our tropical heat and humidity just won't do for them.....he's had success with cardoons.  they taste enough like an artichoke so i'm buying seeds, now.
  • i need to buy a new tiller.  the ol' hoss is dead.  *sigh*  it were a good lil' donkey of a tiller.  i'll miss it.
  • our weather has been so damn strange, this winter.  hot and muggy one day, wet and cold the next.   the Japanese magnolias have bloomed and i need to mow the damn lawn.  
  • excited my eldest aunt is home from the rehab hospital.....she took a dive off her back porch and shattered her femur and is in a body-cast (broke some ribs and a few vertebrae,too).   she looks so much like my late Mama.  
  • i'm so pleased that the boys down at the Armory are back from Afghanistan.  i've already made the acquaintance of two of our fine fighting men.   very, very pleasant young men, indeed.